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As a NSW initiative we regularly travel across the state presenting training and information sessions. The events below are some of our core training opportunities that we can present as a fee for service upon request. Please refer to our Training and Consultancy page, call 1800 774 764 or email info@ric.org.au for more information.


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Seven Steps to Self Direction

Building right relationship between people with disability, their families, friends and support workers.

Support can be complex with lots of people involved. How can all these people work together well and ensure the person with disability lives the life he or she wants? This workshop will take you through seven steps to make it work. 

developing community connections book

 Developing Community Connections

Strategies for supporting a person with disability to connect with community around shared interests and experiences.

Friendships are vital to the good quality of everyone’s life. Establishing and maintaining relationships can be challenging for people with disability, so it is important to be intentional in taking action towards this. This workshop will walk you through six strategies that can’t guarantee friendships but can provide the groundwork to make their possibility more likely and enable people with disability to be active and contributing members of their communities.